Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Northern Virginia Childrens Photographer {Just a few more}

Here are just a few more of my favs from the shoot on Monday:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Man On Campus

Little Mr. Sam is sooooo adorable. When I walked in the door I knew his eyes would photograph out of sight. His cute Mom was so wonderful to work with. We took our time and worked around Mr. Sam and I think we got some gorgeous shots, both awake and asleep. This is the very first one I took. Look at those cute eyes.
The next few are from the first "set up" we did... and we did at least five different set ups. That is a lot of adorable pictures so check back for more. For now I am hitting the hay, sweet dreams Mr. Sam!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tip Toes

This weekend I had the fun chance to shoot a local ballet studios winter recital (thank you Cady!). Watching these little princess's made me so excited for Abby to take dance classes. Here is just a TINY sampling (I ended up posting over 200 pictures in their proofing gallery).

I love my Blanket

We caught this one at the tail end of the photo shoot. Is there anything cuter then a baby lovin their blankey.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Little Miss Lucy

What can I say. I love this little girl. She is hilariously quirky and have you ever seen a more gorgoeus 3 year old? I sure haven't!
This cute girl was sooooo cold I felt so bad.
This is about a 150% improvement from last year when we tried to do pictures. The second I would raise the camera Lucy would dash away or hide her face. Ahh the joys of understanding bribery, what wonders the promise of "square candy" (starbursts) will do!

{Virginia Infant Photography} I wish I could sleep all day

Since baby Eva was only 6 days old she slept and slept and slept. I love that they sleep all day when they are first born. I laid down with Abby this morning and thought if she were my first I would just drift off to sleep with her! I sure hope that is what Evas mommy is doing with her!
Here are a few more from this shoot
In the cozy baby pod. The yarn is sooooo soft.
I love the little belly butoon stump, it means they are tiny tiny tiny
Love the teddy bear hat
I can't decide again if I like BW or color:
After looking at these I need to go snuggle with my babies... who are now 3, 2 and 4 months!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prince Henry

Today was another double header days wooo hoo! If you want to see crazy cute newborn pics keep reading after this post. I had so much fun doing this blitz photo shoot of little Prince Henry. We literally got these shots so fast I am sure Christen is still reeling. He was such a cutie and waited to cry until we were all done and walkin' out the door-- and then zonked!
I got a bunch of new backdrops and this is a blue and brown one (it is hard to find good boy stuff). Chrisen brought the cutest sweaters and onsies!
Of course we had to do some snuggly nakey ones.

Newborn Heaven

Holy cow Abby is huge. I thought that was impossible, until this morning when I did a newborn shoot with the F family. Baby Eva is only 6 days old. She was HEAVEN to work with! Both mom and dad were there so lots of helping and spotting hands which makes it even better! I am DYING over the pictures. There are WAY to many to post here so check my website in a day or two and there will be a lot of new ones in the infant section... oh yeah my website is slowly getting all the kinks worked out. You can see it at for now here is a sneak peak! (Once again I don't know which ones I like best)
Snug as a bug in the comfy pod Joelle crocheted for me! How cute is that little face pokin out!
Chillin' in the basket. Isn't that Damask print divine! Good 'ole Amy Butler. Her new line LOVE is to die for so when I found some in UT I had to snatch it up
She slept through the WHOLE thing and didn't pee once! Now that is amazing! Here she is on my favorite bucket:
I may just have to post some more because there are some other to die for ones... at the same time I love a god suprise for the parents! Thank you so much F family it was sooooo much fun!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Trip to UT

This last weekend I flew out to UT to do some photo work for our friends the Tillmanns. I had sooooo much fun! This is my new favorite shoot. Although it seems hardley fair to judge a shoot with one of my dearest friends, my would be daughter in law (yeah I know she is only four but she is marrying Sam if it kills me!) on a weekend trip away from all responsibility but Abby at the coolest location ever!
Kristen has 13 weeks left in her pregnancy so for her maternity pictures we headed out to this crazy awesome location my friend Leah Miller (if you are in Utah believe me you WANT her to do your pictures-- more on that on my personal blog)told me about. It is this amazing abandoned house in Pleasant Grove. The inside had all this amazing wallpaper and the outside had beautiful old architecture. What is funny is recently I haven't been able to decided which ones I like best (not that it matters, it is what the client likes). So here are two sets of three, let me know your opinion.
The field surrounding the house really lent itself to fabulous pictures... as long as you cleaned up the trash first and move the bright blue toilet seat... yeah whats up with that!
This one just screams "Mom power!!! Yes I have been preggers three times and I still look stellar!
another threefur, chillin in the doorway
Lucy gets her very own post next!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Double Header

Today I did two photo shoots. It was CRAZY. Especially because I already had a nutso day getting ready for a surprise this weekend. So here are a few sneak peaks for my lovely clients.
Don't even pretend you don't wish you looked this good around 30 weeks of pregnancy, if you do you are totally lying. How gorgeous is L! I wish I looked this good ever haa!
E and S are pretty darn cute and although S was a women on the move and E was kind of afraid of our location I think we got some good ones

Down by the River

Location: Right by the W Families apt
Conditions: At 7 am, it was COLD! Overcast
Length: we were on a tiny bit of a time crunch so this shoot was only about 45 mins
The big B, look at those peepers, those are all natural, no boosting the color or anything.
Miss E
The whole fam

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bishops in the garden

Location: Bishops Garden
Conditions: Gorgeous day!
Length: 1 hour
We have been trying to get this shoot together for a while! Thankfully Adam didn't have to travel this weekend so we got it all together!
Abby and Mommy playing peekaboo
Issac was great! Especially when I bribed him with a treat!
Charish asked him to be serious for one because we were getting some great "no two front teeth grins" and wanted to mix it up. This is Issac's serious:
Lincoln liked to pose himself and did a great job
Abby is such a sweetheart. I died when I saw her adorable red sandals and cute necklace! Another mom who loves to accessorize woo hoo!
A few family ones:
I loved that they were up for anything. You can tell that this is what this family is all about, fun fun fun and lots of love