Saturday, October 31, 2009


Okay so I have had soooooo many great photoshoots lately and I am DYING to put some of the pics up but BOTH our laptops are in the shop (I am typing this from our apartments office center.... just the thought of the amount of germs on this keyboard make me shudder.) I have really loved all the shoots I have done lately and I sure hope the offers keep comin'. Unfortunatly due to the amount of time and plethora of requests I am getting I am thinking I might have to start charging... at least a litte. I know I feel awful and hope this doesn't just completely nip all the opportunities I get right in the bud. I promise it will be affordable and as soon as I sit down with my hopefully healed laptop and upload the latest pics I will lay out a price list. I REALLY hope this doesn't deter people and if there are extenuating circumstances ie you are a student or just starting out please please let me know because hello I have sooooo been there and that should not stop you from sending out a killer christmas card.... speaking of which I have an awesome batch of Christmas cards this year so if you want a unique cool christmas card that not ever costco, target walmart shopper will have go HERE and tell me what you like. If I have already done a session with you let me know what you like and I will hook you up and a free one will be included in each future paid session (I really promise I'll make these paid sessions worth it :)) So check back later this week to see three new session reviews and my super affordable prices... I am really feeling bad about this. Hope ya'll had a spooky halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Talk about destiny

This is Adam and Eve. Yeah, they get a lot of cracks about that but seriously how cool is that! I got to snap away at their little boy earlier and was excited to see the whole family together.
Location: Georgetown dock
Conditions: Early morning overcast
Length: This was so rediculously fast because, well DC is a confusing place and I don't give good directions, so it was only a 15 min shoot.
There are sooo many great ones but these are the first few I have looked at:
Talk about amazing eyes! Eve said Alex gets them from his daddy but hers are gorgeous too!
We also did some super cute Tom Cruise esq ones I am excited for!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Four boys = fun

Location: Bon Air Memorial Park
Conditions: Beautiful evening
Length: 40 mins
The boys were so cute. They all had such different personalities.
I would die to have Amy's height. Their kids are going to be nice and tall!
Thanks Bangerter family!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A walk in the Park

This weekend I finally got to shoot the Khan family. I have been dying to do this because I love their funky cool style, plus Kristina has awesome sleeve tattoos that I wanted to shoot. I was also excited to see how it works shooting not only a toddler but also a puppy... lots of movement here. I brought a vintage cowboy pull toy that I love and thought August would have fun with it then I could just shoot around him playing. When he got bored with that I broke out the bubbles ;)
Location: Park
Conditions: Almost raining... and then raining
Length: 30 mins
They are such a cool family and although it got to dark before I could get a picture of Krisitnas sleeves but it was still a ton of fun to shoot such an original family

Friday, October 23, 2009

Baby Alex

Location: My apartment
Conditions: Beautiful Window light
Length: About 30 minutes
A was soooo cute! His eyes are crazy. They are not photoshoped at all. He just has crazy blue eyes. I kept commenting on it to his cute mommy. Apparently his dad has the same eyes so family pictures on Saturday should be AWESOME!
IMG_6266pop Vintaged:
In a cute box


Baby Q

Location: Q's home
Conditions: Lovely and sunny window light
Time: Well we kinda hung out all morning doing pictures :)
Oh my goodness is she not THE cutest chunky baby!
I have been doing some more texture overlays being a little more trendy and I am remembering why I love them sooo much:
I knew the minute I saw Q's mom she was photogenic, so now I make her be in a lot of the pictures ;)
There are a TON from this shoot that just made me go "Awwwwww". Gotta love chunky babies

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Quick one

Setting: My apartment
Conditions: Yucky rainy day :)
Length: 20-30 mins
Since it has been so yucky out we went inside to try and capture a few :)
look at these blue eyes!
maybe B&W?
His gorgeous mommy. Every Mom deserves a beatiful picture of herself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Point

Location: Ballet Studio
Conditions: Florescent lights and mirrors :)
Time: 30 Mins



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eden & Fox

Location: Frying Pan Farm
Conditions: Overcast and so cold :(
Time: 30 mins





Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Smattering from Shoots in UT

Girls at Gardner Village
The girls laughing at Ava:
I got to take two families the Reynolds and the Swansons. The Reynolds had adorable Ava who is just take off walking:
Robyn and Jeff will celebrate their two year anniversary soon. Such a cute little family!
PhotobucketThis is the second time I have been able to do family pics for the Swanson family.
It was so fun to look at the last one and see how much the kids have changed!
Ali was such a cute toddler and has become such a gorgeous little girl
The twins are practically teenagers now and Aiden has lost all his cute toddler chub and is all grown up.
Kelly and I took some pictures of her adorable little girls together in their pettiskirts. Morgy's red hair is so cute and I would kill for Ashlyns curls.
Claire and Annie wanted some senior pictures. I have decided teenage girls are by far the most fun to shoot. They don't mind being cheesy to get a good picture and since they all kinda want to be models the ham it up. Add in wardrobe changes and cute personalities and it made for a really fun time! It helps that both these girls are gorgeous!Annie
Their toesies
After telling Claire she needed to open her eyes more (while the poor girl is staring into the sun) and that I was mainly taking pictures up their nose.Photobucket
Marissa is getting married in a week. She is the sweetest girl and didn't even blink when I stuck her up on a huge rock in front of a huge old tree. Or when people honked as they drove past.
I just about died when she showed me her electric pink heels! How fun is that.
I wish I had approached my bridals with more fun. I was sooo worried about my dress getting stained ro ripped I wouldn't do anything fun.Ali wanted some special pictures in her baptism dress so I suggested we go up to the Draper Temple.