Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bishops in the garden

Location: Bishops Garden
Conditions: Gorgeous day!
Length: 1 hour
We have been trying to get this shoot together for a while! Thankfully Adam didn't have to travel this weekend so we got it all together!
Abby and Mommy playing peekaboo
Issac was great! Especially when I bribed him with a treat!
Charish asked him to be serious for one because we were getting some great "no two front teeth grins" and wanted to mix it up. This is Issac's serious:
Lincoln liked to pose himself and did a great job
Abby is such a sweetheart. I died when I saw her adorable red sandals and cute necklace! Another mom who loves to accessorize woo hoo!
A few family ones:
I loved that they were up for anything. You can tell that this is what this family is all about, fun fun fun and lots of love

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quinn and mommies toe shoes

Location: My tiny apt. "studio"
Conditions: Wonderful! We had no older children so there were no distractions. Just me, Quinn and Cady (and abbers who sat in the bumbo and watched... I think she will be a photographer to from the sher number of shoots she has been on)and some lovely natural light.
Length:Hmmm about 20 mins although we did stop and feed both girlies and there were outfit changes so maybe a half hour.
My wonderful friend Cady is a ballet instructor (how cool is that!) She had an adorable idea for my shoot with her little girl Quinn, why not throw on her toe shoes and put Quinn in a tutu. I think they turned out soooo stinkin cute! I was so impressed with Cady jumping on point and holding it!
This one I caught I thought was so hilariously adorable. Look at that face ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I like to ride my tricycle

When people find out I am a photographer the phrase that generally follows is "I bet you have great pictures of your kids" I then awkwardly shift my weight from foot to foot, avoid eye contact and mumble something incoherent because to be honest I don't have a lot of "arranged" pictures of my cuties. So, after my morning shoot I took a short break then Chris humored me and we went out to get some pictures of the boys. See, a wonderful friend of mine found the deal of a lifetime the other day when she purchased a fantastic vintage tricycle for FOUR BUCKS! I won't lie, I have major bike envy. For some reason I thought lightening might strike twice so I dragged Liam to our closest thrift store and although there were no trikes in sight, Liam did find a cool old wagon that he refused to get out of... it was awkward when he was clinging to the sides as I was trying to pull him out and avoid getting Abby (who was chillin' in the front pack) kicked in the face, in the end I buckled and just bought it (how many times have I forked over mola to end a tantrum? To many to count- that's embarrassing-- and pretty bad parenting). I am so glad we got it though, the boys love it and I know it will be in some amazing shots. We headed down to the "caboose" by our house, Sam's new favorite place, and I went to town.
I love Liam's pouty face:
Eventually Liam refused to stand on the back of the bike so Chris had the cute idea of putting him in the wagon and having Sam pull it.
Sam was pretty good, you can bribe a 3 year old.
Plus just being able to play on railroad tracks and around a train was enough to put Sammy on cloud nine... although he hated his coat and boots, great because those were sooo cheap....
Liam liked playing with the old broken bell
And although he didn't stay on long (how fun is it when you can't reach the pedals?)
I did catch a smile or two
He did give his Sad face a lot, he is such a little actor we love it!
Chris was kind enough to walk around with Abby and watched which ever boy wasn't in the shot. And then took Abby on a ride on the trike.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Such a Jewel

This morning I did a session with my friends Ryan and her three week old Ruby! How cute is that name, Ruby. I love it. I have wanted to try somenew things with my newborn sessions, I wanted my newborn pictures to be very personalized so I came up with this:
This is the baby pod that Joelle knitted me. It is sooooo soft! Poor Ruby just wanted to sleep and she is past that new newborn state where they sleep crazy soundly.
I have had this idea in my minds eye to do a princess and the pea picture. I got Abby this awesome metal crown from Rodworks for her room (all the decor is vintage crowns) and thought it would be so cute in a picture. I need to do some tweaking and I think I will use box's next time instead of changing table pads, they would be sturdier. Poor Ruby didn't like being all nakey and free
After the shoot my friends Cady and Jennie came over with their adorable children and I thought hey I have my camera out lets just grab some shots. I think they turned out pretty cute for spur of the moment shots
Kate: Whom I ADORE--
Miss Caroline:
Miss Quinn who was not happy about being propped up :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Joelle traded knitting a few things for me for a photoshoot! Her little dude Wally is soooo stinkin' cute! I think my job was much easier then hers!
Now this is love:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More of the ADORABLE Fairhursts

Kalea is my little buddy. When I sit in nursery on sundays with Liam she always hops right onto my lap to do puzzles, so I thought having that repore would help me catch some cute shots of her (as if it would be possible to take a poor picture of such a cute girl!).
This is her making a dinosaur noise
She even let me put reindeer horns and babylegs on her arms! Woo hoo!
Jaron is a smooth operator. He is so incredibly polite it just melts you.
More of the cutie patooties from the last post:
Look at this gorgeous couple! No wonder their children are knock outs!