Friday, January 22, 2010

Smilie McGee

This little fellow was an absolute dream to shoot! He was smiley and giggle the whole time. I have been doing so many under five month shoots that I forgot what a snap it is to get adorable pictures of seven month olds.
Anyway we would place him he was grinning away for his momma
who (like most moms) suffered from the occasional "attack of the face" (I LOVE when Abby does this to me... it makes me feel so loved).
It was great working with such a happy camper
I had to post process these SOOOO fast since in about an hour the movers come to take my computer away ahhhhhhhh! What will I do with out my MAC for four weeks! I'll tell you what, my pictures are not going to look like this:
Next time I see you it may be from East TImor. As Kathleen Kelly would say "Good night dear void"

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