Friday, March 19, 2010

T and O and a gorgeous blue boat

(Disclaimer, our home computer will no longer allow me to upload photos so Chris was kind enough to take a DVD with the sessions photos on it and upload a smattering, I am missing some of my favs but what can you do, I am just grateful he was able to upload any!) I had so much fun shooting a surprise birthday present for T and O's Daddy! Their gorgeous mom brought me down to the beach in front of their home and right to the coolest prop ever... a bright blue boat!!!
She wanted lots of candids of the kids just playing-- the best and funnest kind to take of children, I think.
T had so much fun jumping around his boat. His mom and I really had to work to get his attention
We got a few of the boys together
and a few separate
(Aren't those cheekers AMAZING for a three month old)
Once again I am torn, Color:
Or Black and White:
This was T trying to make O smile... it looks like they are having a vicious staring contest
With such a cool boat to play with and people fishing etc. it was "harder" (not really) to have T look at the camera. We learned not to say "where is Kelly"
Instead we would say "look at the light house!"
O is such a smiley guy when you catch his eye. Can you believe those adorable cheeks!
Jean is good friends with a lovely Timorese lady who adores her boys so we had to get one with her
There is one in particular that I LOVE that I didn't get to post... hopefully the internet at home will start cooperating... until then, happy sailing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What it means to Post Process

One of my photography teachers stressed that fact that editing is going through the images you have taken and deciding which ones go straight to the trash and which ones you keep. Just like in editing live film. Once you have gone through and edited your images then you start "post production". This is when you make actual changes to the image, enhance color, remove color whatever you decide. I love this part. A lot of big time photographers will out process the initial part of this process (the color and white balance correcting etc.) The thought of having to do this makes me giddy because it means you are so busy with shoots that you just don't have time to do this, how cool would that be. Then when the images come back nice and clean they do artistic touches. This generally means photoshop actions and textures. Before I bought photoshop I always wondered how in the world photographers got certain looks to their pictures. Welp its totally from photoshop and the actions. I thought it might be interesting to show you (my none existent reader) what can happen to a photo. This is Sammy my oldest. I actually didn't take this photo it is from our family session but my friend who took it was kind enough to give me the RAW images to do with what I may. I chose this one though because I was playing around with it last night when I got the idea for this post. Plus I like funkier pictures which I know are an acquired taste.
On the right you have the original image as it looked after I sent it through Adobe bridge, lightening it up, adding a little saturation then opening it up in photoshop, running a clarity action and lightening up Sams face. I added saturation of color just to his tie and his jeans because I planned on desaturating the entire image eventually and didn't want those parts to totally disappear. I then ran a desaturating action, another clarity action (which I then erased everywhere but on Sam). I ended by adding a texture file, and reducing the opacity dramatically and erasing it completely on Sam's hands and face. So there you go. While I know the general audience would prefer the only slightly touched up version I think it is fun to get a little crazy every now and then and thats how you do it ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hit the ground runnin

I had my first shoot in Dili the other day! Whoo hoo! It was for the sweetest baby girl who was born on Christmas Eve. What a lovely Christmas present. Her lovely mother works at the Embassy and was kind enough to hold out on baby announcements until I got here. Now we just have to order them, have them mailed to dili then mailed back out... so by the time she is one people will know she was born haaaa! Here is one of the announcements I made for her (the info is all made up for her safety).
Since I haven't received our shipment that has all of my photography stuff we just did this in my front room with blankets we had lying around! I am so glad it turned out well.
Last one
such a good girl!