Friday, March 19, 2010

T and O and a gorgeous blue boat

(Disclaimer, our home computer will no longer allow me to upload photos so Chris was kind enough to take a DVD with the sessions photos on it and upload a smattering, I am missing some of my favs but what can you do, I am just grateful he was able to upload any!) I had so much fun shooting a surprise birthday present for T and O's Daddy! Their gorgeous mom brought me down to the beach in front of their home and right to the coolest prop ever... a bright blue boat!!!
She wanted lots of candids of the kids just playing-- the best and funnest kind to take of children, I think.
T had so much fun jumping around his boat. His mom and I really had to work to get his attention
We got a few of the boys together
and a few separate
(Aren't those cheekers AMAZING for a three month old)
Once again I am torn, Color:
Or Black and White:
This was T trying to make O smile... it looks like they are having a vicious staring contest
With such a cool boat to play with and people fishing etc. it was "harder" (not really) to have T look at the camera. We learned not to say "where is Kelly"
Instead we would say "look at the light house!"
O is such a smiley guy when you catch his eye. Can you believe those adorable cheeks!
Jean is good friends with a lovely Timorese lady who adores her boys so we had to get one with her
There is one in particular that I LOVE that I didn't get to post... hopefully the internet at home will start cooperating... until then, happy sailing!

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  1. Color! Love the where's Kelly shot and the staring contest. Hilarious!